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Programme and Project Management

Programme and project management underpin all the services that we provide at Adventus. Each assignment is managed as a discrete program or project allowing us and our clients to focus on delivering specific business benefits.

To remain competitive in a dynamic environment, businesses undertake a variety change initiatives. Whether it is to determine and execute your strategic vision; undertake a fundamental business review; implement new processes and technology or deliver changes brought about by mergers or acquisitions, each change initiative requires careful planning, execution and monitoring.

We have worked with clients who have required our program and project management services for a wide variety of purposes:

  • The organisation is not used to managing business change programmes or projects and requires a partner to lead or assist in the delivery of a successful initiative
  • In house teams require to be augmented or supported as resourcing is limited
  • A formal methodology needs to be implemented and staff trained in its delivery so that in house standards and governance improves, and the organisation can develop in house capability based on best practice   Methodology Case Study
  • A program or project office needs to be set up support program and project teams
  • Coaching for internal staff is required

Over the years we have developed a proven methodology to manage programmes and projects providing our clients with the right tools and techniques as an enabler for success.

We have utilised our skills in this area to successfully deliver a wide variety of business change projects from enterprise system selection and implementations, merger integration and process changes   Transformation Case Study