We work with technology providers where we are confident their solutions are able to offer real business benefits.

In combination with our business consulting skills, we are able to offer powerful solutions to business need.


MIK specialises in developing complete business intelligence solutions with an emphasis on ease of use, through the use of “Intelligent” data cubes that offer “Out of the Box” financial reporting. It’s MIK-BIS suite of applications enables companies to develop, execute and implement their own enterprise-wide information systems for use in planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation.

Founded in 1986, MIK has been providing performance management solutions for over 20 years for both small businesses and global enterprises. During project execution, customers benefit from many years of experience and specialised skills in problem-solving that MIK consultants have to offer. MIK’s ease of use permits the MIK consultants to focus on the business issues and management requirements, as relatively little programming is required to build the application.

Adventus is a Solution Provider for MIK-BIS, an easy to use suite of Business Intelligence software from MIK, which offers “Out of the Box” financial reporting, budgeting and planning. MIK-BIS can collect complex data from multiple sources, which can be quickly and simply analysed, using its single, integrated client interface. The real-time design of the data storage, permits advanced budgeting and business modelling applications to be built, with relatively little effort.

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